Diagnosing Your Home's Water

Not sure how to tell the quality of your water? Have you noticed a funny smell, taste or color from your water? If your water seems "off" there is typically a problem EcoWater of Atlanta can quickly assess and correct.

Whether you have started to notice since of contaminated water, or you would like to have your water tested to be sure, you can count on EcoWater of Atlanta.
How to diagnose hard water:
  • It is the scum that collects on shower doors.
  • It leaves ugly stains in sinks and fixtures.
  • It dulls your hair and clogs your pores.
  • It wears out clothing and makes laundry feel hard and scratchy.
  • It makes household cleaning more difficult by lessening the effectiveness of soaps and cleaning products.
  • It leads to higher energy bills because of scale build-up in your water heater and pipes.
  • Water using appliance become less efficient and need to work harder.
  • It can lead to low water pressure from your shower or faucets, and even cause burst pipes over time.
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Diagnose Your Water

Does your water looking cloudy?
Does your water smell or taste like a swimming pool? This could mean chlorine and chloramines are in your water.
Does your water smell like rotten eggs? When hydrogen sulfide can occur in water because of decaying vegetation and oil deposits under the earth's surface.
Does your water taste metallic or do you notice reddish, rust-like stains? Iron in your water will cause these symptoms.