EcoWater of Atlanta

EcoWater has a legacy exceeding 90 years that is built on the most advanced and innovative technology. EcoWater continues to set the standards for the industry as a whole. As the world's largest manufacturer of residential water treatment systems, our expertise and products for improving the quality of your water are second to none. EcoWater has a long history of innovation and thoughtful design which has high standards for creating environmentally sustainable products. The advanced technologies of our water filtration systems are energy efficient, which lowers electricity demand and the harmful effects of power generation. These systems will also extend the life cycles of appliances, leaving a smaller environmental footprint. We also use recyclable materials to help reduce waste and conserve our diminishing natural resources. Environmental considerations are fundamental to the business practices at EcoWater from the earliest stages of product design throughout manufacturing.
Water Drop — water system in Alpharetta, GA
EcoWater is a Berkshire Hathaway Company

25 Reasons You Will Love Your EcoWater System

SAVES MONEY: EcoWater PROTECTS your budget
  • 1. Saves on Soap Products – use less soap and allows the use of pure soap products
  • 2. Saves on Clothing – clothes last longer and are easier to care for
  • 3. Saves on Appliances & Plumbing – water appliances last longer, water heater is more efficient
  • 4. Saves on Water – eliminates the need for buying bottled water and replacing expensive filters
  • 5. Saves on Beverages – use less coffee, tea, and juices
HEALTHIER WATER: Pure EcoWater DEFENDS your health
  • 6. Improves the flavor, healthier, and appearance of foods and beverages
  • 7. Carries needed nutrients and disease-fighting antibodies to the brain and internal organs
  • 8. 70% of our body is water, helps control weight, and aids in digestion and elimination
  • 9. Removes man-made contaminates, by-products, and other impurities
CLEANER WATER: EcoWater is a POWERFUL cleaning agent
  • 10. Cleaner, softer, healthier Skin – reduces the need for lotions and medications
  • 11. Shinier, easier-to-manage Hair – reduces the need for conditioners and expensive shampoo
  • 12. Softer, whiter, brighter Clothes – no need for harsh chemicals and products that make you itch
  • 13. Cleaner Home and Environment – virtually spot-free mirrors, glasses, dishes, and crystal
  • 14. Dramatically easier Cleaning – reduces soap scum on shower walls and curtains, tubs, sinks
PROTECTS PLUMBING: EcoWater SAFEGUARDS water using appliances
  • 15. Cleaner, longer-lasting appliances, faucets, fixtures, and in-home water pipes
  • 16. Reduces clogging and calcium deposits in the washing machine, dishwasher, hot water heater, coffee maker, faucets, fixtures, garbage disposals, showerheads, toilets, tubs, etc.
  • 17. Cleaner – without the need for harsh chemicals and detergents that can make you itch
  • 18. Softer and more comfortable to wear – without the need for expensive fabric softeners
  • 19. Longer-lasting – heavy cycles and harsh chemical detergents will not break down fabrics
SAVES TIME & ENERGY: EcoWater SAVES on housekeeper drudgery
  • 20. Saves Time – 30% less time for cleaning chores
  • 21. Saves Energy & Consumables – use less soap and hot water
  • 22. Saves Effort – no heavy, inconvenient bottled water to buy, less scrubbing
  • 23. The wisest household investment – put your money back into your home and family
  • 24. Highest yield – higher than any other household investment you can make
  • 25. Best warranties, ethical sales, professional installation, best service, since 1925