Your Home's Water Solutions in Atlanta, GA


Water Softeners

When your water contains excess minerals or metals (calcium, magnesium, iron), it is considered "hard water". While hard water is typically safe to use, it is not comfortable or efficient for your home. An EcoWater softener treats hard water in your home by removing the minerals and metals from the water. You will see and feel the difference of hard water that has been treated. Our professionals can diagnose your water and recommend the best option for your home.

Water Refiners

Have you noticed a chlorine or "pool-like" smell when you take a shower? Typically, municipalities treat water with chlorine or chloramine to kill bacteria. An EcoWater refiner will soften the water in your home by removing minerals and sediment that was not removed by the municipality. A refiner will also remove the chlorine taste and odor found in city water.

Anti-Scale Systems

The EcoProTechTTM Anti-Scale solution from EcoWater addresses the typical problems associated with hard water without the use of salt or chemicals. This is NOT a water softener. It is a scale management solution using proprietary PTT media.

Whole Home Systems

From hardness to bad tastes and smells, your home's water may have many issues that need to be corrected. EcoWater offers a customized whole home solution no matter if your water comes from a municipal supply or private well.

Problem Water Filters

Not all water is made equal and your home may have issues that another home does not. EcoWater has created a broad spectrum of state-of-the-art filters which are the most efficient in handling household water contaminants of households. Have you noticed a problem with your water or you just want to find out for sure that is water is problem free? One of our professionals at EcoWater of Atlanta will perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis and recommend the right solution for your needs.