Water System Company

Dear EcoWater System,

I would like to comment on the use of the EcoWater Home Water Purification System. I am really enjoying this purchase I made. Since the installation of EcoWater, I have noticed that our skin is not as dry and hard as it used to be. I can clean and my cuticles are not as cracked and messed up. I [like] the way the water feels against my skin. This Water system has also worked wonders for my children’s skin, they no longer itch after taking a bath and considering they do not luse lotion like they should I have noticed their skin is not as dry as it use to be. I really love this product and I am glad I get it installed in my home. The level of service I received from the Sales consultant down to the Service Technician was wondering. Also the installation of the service does take some time, I loved his professionalism and the way he cleand up behind himself and left no mess behind.

Thanks EcoWater for coming into my home and recommending this product. I love it.

Dear Eco-Water of Atlanta,

I am writing this letter to express my appreciation of your water filtration system. I have experienced a number of benefits since having the system installed but there are a few that stand out for our family.

The first is that prior to having the water filtration system we had to change the filter in the humidifier in my son’s room weekly due to it becoming black. I change the filter shortly after having the system installed and have yet to change the filter in the past month.

The second is that we no longer have an overwhelming odor of chlorine when the shower is turned on. It is amazing the [peace] of mind knowing we are bathing in clean water!

I am sure there are even more benefits that we have not noticed yet but I know this system will improve our health and lifestyle for years to come.

My review of EcoWater of atlanta

I have been using this water purification system for just over 3 weeks and I am extremely pleased with the quality of the water. The crisp fresh taste of the water has me craving for more and more. The smooth feel of my skin is amazing after taking a shower. I will never have to buy bother bottle of water again. The quality of the water is also a reflection of the excellent customer service that this company and its leadership is dedicated to provide. Thank you EcoWater of Atlanta.

I bought an Eco Water system in December 2013 through Costco. Eco Water of Atlanta was the merchant in charge of the transaction, professional installation and customer satisfaction. We're very happy with our system after one year. We had zero problem whatsoever. As part of the Cotsco package, we received a $25 restaurant gift card (not used yet), a large quantity of soap products and a 12-month same as cash financing. We've paid off the 12-month loan and haven't had any issue with the Castle Credit Corp (I would highly recommend that you payoff the loan on time to avoid drastic interest charges). We recently reached out to Eco Water of Atlanta for new filters and the company was responsive and nice with us. I would highly recommend this system.
We have had a water system in every house we've owned. we picked up the information from costco and called them, we are new to town and costco is usually a reliable source. we too received a card in the mail, but didn't know it was this company as we didn't respond. to it.
there was no hard sale when they came to the house and the install by david was great, clean and efficient. he actually assisted me with something else in the house that was running a muck - a simple fix that i didn't know about.
It it just so nice to have flavorless water and clean rinsing in the shower.