EcoWater of Atlanta has been serving residents throughout Atlanta for over 12 years. Our passion for pure home drinking water has led us to be a leader in whole-home water softener and refiner technology.


We understand how important it is that your family have access to pure, fresh cooking, cleaning, and bathing water. So, we pride ourselves in being thought-leaders in our industry when it comes to design and innovation.  Our service team is here for you!

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EcoWater of Atlanta’s water refiners and softeners come as either one-tank systems or two-tank systems. These “cabinet-style” water softener systems are highly recommended for either municipal or well water supplies.  We also have many solutions for other water problems including chlorine, iron, or acid.

Does your tap water look cloudy when it falls into your glass or pot? This could mean you have chlorine or chloramines in your drinking water. If your water smells like rotten eggs, you have a high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in your water. If you notice rust stains in the toilet bowl, then you have more iron. The only way to know what all is plaguing your drinking water is to have it tested. You can schedule your FREE water test here!

A water softener uses salt to release the contaminants during the regeneration process. A Refiner takes it a step further and also removes the chlorine, and other chemicals that are produced by adding the chlorine to the water.

Household water is directed through a prefilter for filtration to remove sediments, chlorine, and particulate matter. The water is then forced, by pressure, through a semipermeable membrane where a high percentage of the dissolved solids are rejected and flushed down the drain. The pure, clean filtered water is stored in a sealed tank, and the water then passes through an activated carbon absorption block filter immediately before it hits your glass.
Not only does hard water taste funny and smell bad, but can also be bad for your skin, hair, clothes, appliances, lawn, and dishware. Hard water is also a health risk to babies and younger children who rely on formula. Your hard water could be the cause of your higher energy bills and water usage or waste in your home.
PPT stands for Parts per Trillion, and refers to the filtration media or material that is used in the EcoWater Anti-Scale system known as Ecoprotecht. The PTT media takes the minerals in water and converts them from their ion form to a small crystalline form. When the minerals are converted it becomes much more difficult for them to attach to pipes, appliances and fixture surfaces. Typically, microscopic crystals are easily rinsed away by the water flow